Hi! I'm Shannon and I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I love colour and beautiful things.

I have a creative side that I like to unleash on the world in the form of art. Mostly, I have painted (with acrylic paints). I am a perfectionist though. Because of this I am not great at finishing paintings (especially large ones), despite having plenty of ideas.

Sometime in August 2012 I discovered the magical world of nail polish, stamping, nail art, nail blogs, indie polishes etc. My mind was blown. It changed my perspective from "my nails are short and fun to chew on" to "my nails are little canvases! I love little canvases!".

About this blog

I get attached to things I put effort into and want to keep them. Unfortunately, due to the nature of nail art, you can't keep it! To combat the horrible sadness that came with removing a mani I loved I decided to take pictures and document them.

I have been so inspired by all the amazing blogs and talented ladies out there that I decided to make my own blog. If anyone looks at something I've done and is inspired then that is a wonderful thing.

All images on this blog are photographed and edited by me. They are of me (my nails) and of nail art created by me. Unless stated otherwise, of course.

The photographs are adjusted in Photoshop - hue, saturation, contrast, tone - only so much as to achieve the most close to life results possible. I would not want to do a disservice to any gorgeous polish shade, or mislead viewers, by showing anything inaccurate.

Please don't use any of my images without asking first.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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