Friday, November 2, 2012

Upcoming Nail Art Challenge for December

Note: There were some technical difficulties with the original sign up tool, so if you signed up before please add your link again below!

After the fun I had with the This Is Halloween challenge I was pretty excited to get stuck into another challenge. The lovely ladies of Nailed It NZ, A girl with some clothes and From L&P to English Tea have concocted a new take on The 31 Day Challenge that we see around all the time. They've nicknamed it "Take Two" and it looks like a lot of fun! This challenge kicks off on 1 December!

Keep reading to find out more and sign up for the challenge!

There are some really fun themes in this challenge that I'm looking forward to. We have people from all over, so the country day should be fun! I also love cartoons, so that'll be awesome.

It's going to be great, and because you know about it now, there's time to prepare some posts in advance! I'm going to start doing a few throughout November so that I'm not under as much pressure. Also, you don't have to do every day. Just do as many as you'd like when you can!

Also, Hypnotoad says you should join the challenge.

@_@ Of course Hypnotoad. Anything you say Hypnotoad.

Sign up by adding your link below! You can also find out more or sign up on Nailed It NZ's blog.


  1. Oh wow, thanks for making a post about this! You're awesome! :D

    1. You're most welcome! I'm really excited about this challenge.

      Hopefully Hypnotoad will get us some more awesome participants!

    2. Yay!! Haha hypnotoad is awesome! Thanks :)

  2. Replies
    1. 1st of December! I was sure I had that in the post. I'll add it!

  3. Sounds fun! I'm in =D
    How can I join? Because I'm supposed to add my link, but instead I found this: "Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available"

    1. I'm not sure what's happened. I'm sure the ladies hosting the challenge will have it fixed soon!


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