Friday, November 2, 2012

Dragons and aliens with A England and Cheeky

I took a break yesterday and just chilled with Mini Rob. Today I wanted to use two of my newest acquisitions - my gorgeous new polish from A England and my new Cheeky stamping plates!

A England Dragon is just generally awesome. It has some of my favourite things you can have in polish - green, holo, duochrome and perfect formula. And when I was ordering my Cheeky plates there was one plate that I just loved so much - CH32, the monster (or alien) plate!

A England Dragon and Cheeky Stamping Plates Summer Collection with China Glaze Passion.

So.. A England Dragon. There was no sun today, which is a shame, because this gorgeous polish is a holo with orangy/golden flash. A England's website says the following:

"Like sunlight glinting off his iridescent mossy green scales, the fearsome Dragon lays basking arrogantly, awaiting his due."

A England Dragon and Cheeky Stamping Plates Summer Collection with China Glaze Passion.

Dragon is a richly pigmented moss green base with scattered rainbow holo throughout. Perfect dragon scale colour. And where the light hits it you'll see a flash of orangy, sunset gold shimmering across the surface. It really does look like late afternoon sun glinting off a magical, green dragon.

The formula on Dragon is fairly thick, but it applies perfectly smoothly and is pretty much a one coater. I used two because I'm paranoid. I own two A England polishes now and am really impressed by their formula

This next picture is taken outside in the fading afternoon light on a cloudy day. In bright light there's just so much going on that my camera can't handle it, haha. Here you can actually see the stamping:

A England Dragon and Cheeky Stamping Plates Summer Collection with China Glaze Passion.

Look how cute they are! Index finger alien is all confused. That says "HUH?!", in case you were wondering. Middle finger alien is next to a little alien plant with his spaceship in the background. Poor ring finger alien appears to be floating off into space and the lil dude on my pinky is "gettin the hell outta here".

These are from Cheeky's latest set of stamping plates and they are awesome! I used three different plates and had no trouble at all. The aliens are from CH32. The UFO and stars are from CH45 and the HUH?! is from CH47. The little alien plants are done with a striping brush and dotting tool.

I used craft scissors and masking tape to add some bumpy terrain to the tips using China Glaze Passion. I also did all my stamping with Passion and it stamps beautifully. In fact, every polish I have tried from the China Glaze 2009 Romantique collection has stamped very well. 

A England Dragon and Cheeky Stamping Plates Summer Collection with Delilah the kitty.

My little kitty Delilah was confined to the house because some mommy bird was teaching her baby birds to fly. Delilah is a bit of a hunter and after the third terrified little bird she brought me as a "gift" I decided she could stay inside for a while. So here she is "helping" me take pictures. You can't hear it, but the purrs are deafening.

Hope you enjoyed! If you're interested in A England or Cheeky check out their websites, they both ship internationally for free!

Cheeky Beauty website
Cheeky Beauty - The stamping plates I have
A England website


  1. omg! i am not a fan of stamping (it frustrates me) but i LOVE those little aliens! aggghh i might need those. perfect color combo, too! stop talking about how awesome a england is, my wallet doesn't like it when you do that.

    also, delilah looks suuuper happy to be assisting you with pictures.

    1. She just wanted attention and I was taking pictures instead of showering her in love, haha.

      And stamping is ok! You just need good polish for stamping and decent plates.

      My wallet hates me right now. You think A England is bad. I just bought a couple Rescue Beauty Lounge >.<


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