Monday, October 29, 2012

This Is Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Trick or Treat!

I choose... trick. At first glance these little candies probably look very innocent and delicious. Have a closer look though.

Yep. Those are little skull candies. Have you ever googled "Skull candy" and tried to find actual candy and not a set of headphones? I have. It's a tough challenge. On the flip side, "Candy skull" yields Mexican sugar skulls. So I just did my own thang.

Halloween challenge nail art. Trick or treat nails with China Glaze.

The yellow, pink and blue are all China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky, Dance Baby and Bahamian Escape. I started with two coats of China Glaze White On White just on my ring finger for the gradient and my pointer for the yellow. I only just got Happy Go Lucky and wasn't sure what it was going to do. It's such a gorgeous lemon yellow and it actually applies really well!

I did the little skull candies with a tiny dotting tool. I blocked the shapes in using the respective colour mixed with some China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. Then dotted inside that with the original colour before painting the features on using a striping brush and the colour/Concrete Catwalk mixture.

I mixed the colours with white to add the dots. The little stars are stamped from Bundle Monster plate BM 307. I just applied Konad Special Polish in White to the plate, mixed a bit of the colour in using a dotting tool, and then scraped and stamped as usual.

Halloween challenge nail art. Trick or treat nails with China Glaze. And my cat Sam.

The banner image at the top of this blog does promise some cats. So here's some cat. This is my boy Sam (Samuel Goodbear) being "affectionate", aka chewing on my thumb. Look how big his kitty foot is!  I don't have small hands. He's actually just a lion.

I'm kind of sad this challenge is nearly over. Just one more to go - I have to pick my favourite mani from another challenger and recreate it! That's going to be tough. There are a lot I really like.

This Is Halloween Nail Art Challenge 2012.

Make sure you check out the other challengers below!


  1. Hello Samuel *strokes kitty*.
    Another gorgeous mani, you have really excelled at this challenge, I've loved all your manis.

    1. Thanks so much! I've had a blast with this challenge. I really loved all your manis too. You're some kind of gradient queen. I still swear and frown a lot when I do gradients.

  2. This is fabtastic. It's really cute but sinister all at once!

    1. Thanks Kas! That's one of my favourite combos.. cute and sinister. Or cute and creepy.

  3. i didn't notice they were skulls at first and then i did a double take and saw them. SNEAKY SNEAKY. i really like these and i loove the color combo!

    1. Heh heh. I am very shneaky. I also love the colour combo! I'm going to use it again sometime when I can wear it for more than half a day haha.


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