Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rainbow glitter with a swirly rainbow tip! Black Cat Lacquer Double Rainbow

RAINBOWS! My favourite colour is probably pink, but if "rainbow" was a colour, it would be that. Rainbow colours make me happy, so why not rainbow nails?

Black Cat Lacquer Double Rainbow. Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy. Rainbow nails mani.

I love this so much. If I didn't have various nail related challenges to do I would keep this mani forever (or a few days). The base colour is two coats of Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy, the rainbow glitter is an indie brand called Black Cat Lacquer in Double Rainbow (formerly known as Rainbow Brite).

The swirly rainbow design on the tip is done in acrylic paint. I painted onto a plastic ziplock bag, let it dry completely and then peeled the design off and placed it on my nail!

Peel off rainbow nail art design with acrylic paints.

This is a shot of the design in progress. I started with plain white in the shape I wanted, let that dry and then painted over it with the colours. You can use this method with nail polish too, but I like acrylic paints because they are a bit stretchy and easier to apply and maneuver on the nail.

Once the design is completely dry (give it a good hour or more to be sure), peel it off the plastic and apply to your nail. You can trim it a bit with scissors if you need to. Fold any excess over the tip of your nail. Press it all down firmly and file the excess off with a downward stroke of a nail file. Finally, apply a coat of top coat and ta da!

Black Cat Lacquer Double Rainbow. Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy. Rainbow nails mani.

Here are my nails before I applied the pretty tip design. This glitter is so gorgeous! Black Cat Lacquer Double Rainbow is matte hex glitter in every colour of the rainbow, with a little sprinkling of tiny holo glitter. This is one reasonably thick coat, applied with a bit of dabbing and placing. It is pretty easy to work with though and densely packed.

Here's a close up of Double Rainbow in the bottle:

Black Cat Lacquer Double Rainbow.

Black Cat Lacquer is available on Etsy and they do ship internationally! They have lots of other gorgeous polishes, including some based on Dexter (!!!) and an awesome Halloween collection at the moment.

Cheat sheet:

  1. Orly Nail Defense - 1 coat
  2. Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy - 2 coats
  3. Black Cat Lacquer Double Rainbow - 1 coat (with some placing of the glitter)
  4. Orly Polishield - 1 coat
  5. Acrylic design painted on plastic ziplock bag, peeled off and applied to nail
  6. Orly Polishield - 1 coat


  1. That rainbow glitter is AWESOME! As much as I love the "rainbow glitter" selection that's out there (Milani Gems, DL Happy Birthday, etc.) none of them are ACTUAL RAINBOW GLITTER and I've always been dying to get my hands on one. This one looks perfect! :) I love your swirly tip too .. very pretty. :) Thanks for the awesome post!

    1. I know what you mean! I searched far and wide for the perfect rainbow glitter and this one is great! I was so happy when I found it.


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